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Restore the power 和 efficiency of your industrial hydraulic cylinders today with Yates 行业 leading 液压缸改造 services.

Manufacturing processes dem和 equipment that has been engineered to withst和 heavy applications. A damaged cylinder costs time 和 money because it can hold back your entire production facility or completely halt your heavy equipment.

Whether you’re operating a single truck or a full line of industrial equipment, 我们遵循同样的行之有效的过程,为任何sb沙巴体育投注重建.

除了重建,我们还提供 更换液压缸液压缸修理.


  • 首先,我们收到您的汽缸并将其完全拆卸.
  • Once the cylinder is disassembled, we document 和 clean every component. This ensures we trace the source of any inefficient operation or failure. 彻底的检查可以发现受损的o形圈, 拉杆损坏, 房屋破裂或其他问题.
  • 下一个, we reassemble your cylinder 和 run it through rigorous testing to ensure OEM or better results. If you need emergency repair services, our team operates 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.



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改装液压缸Inspect your system periodically to look for any common signs that your cylinder needs service. 检查管路或活塞周围是否有泄漏. Inspect the line pressure to see if your system is operating at the correct pressure. A sudden drop in pressure may be a sign of a pump issue or a leaking line.

A worn-out cylinder may not fail altogether, but it may have reduced performance levels. Inspect your cylinder 和 hydraulic system for signs of reduced power. 即使你的系统还在运行, a rebuild system can improve the efficiency of your production line 和 prevent a catastrophic failure.


There are many different types of cylinders, but all require the same basic steps. 遵循以下步骤, 下面回顾每一个的具体功能, 彻底修复您的液压元件:

  • 清洁
  • 拆卸
  • 重新组装

您的sb沙巴体育投注在恶劣的工作条件下工作, so be sure to thoroughly clean it before the disassembly process. Remove any caked-on dirt, grease, dust or oil that could compromise the internal components. You’re going to be opening up your cylinder 和 lubricating critical components, 所以你需要一个干净的环境.


This type of cylinder has a wire ring instead of a threaded head. 基本过程是一样的, but it’s important to follow the correct 液压缸修理 steps to avoid damaging the ring or head.


Start the process by retracting the rod assembly 和 removing the external steel wire ring. You may need a mallet 和 punch to push the head into the tube 和 expose the internal tube groove.

Take the plastic removal ring from the cylinder seal replacement kit 和 insert it into the groove. Point the feathered end into the tube 和 be sure it’s fully within the groove. 你现在应该可以把头部从管子中取出来了. 取下拆卸环, 活塞, lock nut 和 head/gl和 before moving on to the reassembly step of the 液压缸改造 process.


如果有任何损坏的迹象,请更换活塞. You should replace any damaged seals or rings as part of the 液压缸改造 process. 以下是一些可能需要更换的常见部件:

  • 戴上戒指
  • 防松螺母
  • 压力密封
  • u形杆密封
  • o形环双密封
  • 头/腺
  • 活塞

Carefully document the removal process to avoid improper reassembly. There are many rings 和 seals to prevent leaks in the hydraulic system, 和 improper assembly can prevent the system from working or reduce its lifespan.


A threaded head 液压缸改造 also includes cleaning, disassembly 和 reassembly steps. 这种类型的sb沙巴体育投注可以使用固定螺钉或锁紧环. Be sure you underst和 which type you have before you disassemble the cylinder.


在拆下端盖之前,先松开锁紧环或固定螺钉. 一旦取下端盖, 活塞, 阀杆和压盖总成可以完全拆卸, 检查并丢弃损坏. 就像一个金属环圆柱, threaded head components need to be treated carefully 和 only h和led in a clean environment to avoid contamination.


Clean components, re-应用 lubricant 和 replace any damaged seals or rings. Carefully insert 活塞 和 gl和 in the cylinder body before replacing the end cap. Secure the end cap with a lock nut or by torquing the set screw with the appropriate force.


A major part of the 液压缸改造 process is a thorough inspection during disassembly. Look for these signs that a part needs to be repaired or replaced:

  • 划痕棒面
  • 弯曲的杆
  • 腐蚀活塞密封
  • 印章畸形或缺失
  • 连杆密封变形
  • 导向衬套磨损
  • 液压油泄漏

One of the most common issues with a hydraulic cylinder is a compromised seal, but there are a number of wear issues that can reduce efficiency 和 require a rebuild. Be sure to replace components with highly rated parts from a leading cylinder manufacturer.


作为ISO 9001:2015认证BOB沙巴体育登录, we follow a professional process that ensures rapid turnaround times without sacrificing the quality of your service. In addition to rapid turnaround times, quick delivery, competitive pricing we are open 24/7.


Take your production facility or your heavy equipment to the next level with our industry-leading cylinder rebuild services. As one of the largest hydraulic cylinder manufacturers in the country, 我们有信心,我们有您需要的零件和BOB沙巴体育登录. 联系 us today to schedule an appointment or ask about an emergency repair service call.

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